Wednesday, 1 June 2011

This is so encouraging (950)

I have just read a lovely post by a fellow blogger known as Caroline Green, at Strictly Writing and doesn't that give you a warm feeling of hope and that the work is worth it? I've listened to lots of people tell me recently, 'oh, it's pointless, there's no chance of actually being published...' but those same people have never actually done the work, written a whole novel and edited it into shape. This gives hope - how many times have we heard the suggestion that successful writing is more work than art? Great ideas, sure, but the difference between the published and unpublished is often sheer hard work. With that in mind, I can report that I have written 950 words of BT and another 1500 of MATC. Not to mention playing around with the plot. So, thank you Caroline.


  1. Reb, I have just posted my word count (but feeling less brave than you, it's on a separate page not smack dab on the home page.

  2. See post above - only 166 words a day required!