Thursday, 2 June 2011

Back on my horse - or possibly carrying it... (1150)

I'm writing, though it feels very uphill because I'm being attacked by the demon of self-doubt. He looks like my geography teacher (gender uncertain) and insists on shouting 'this is all utter crap!' every time I attempt a full stop. He's out of the office at the moment (sadly, probably not sourcing a breath mint) so I can sneak a few words for fun.

I'm attempting a part of the novel that is set in the past, but despite my efforts my third person limited POV character keeps speaking to me directly. He's so opinionated. I love that as a trusted servant he sees everything - that really helps the story along. Right from the beginning I wondered if he could just be the first person narrator of his own strand - or even book. He's suspicious, a conman by trade, and doesn't even tell himself the truth (being locked in with his ego).

Meanwhile, I'm trying to settle back into a routine at home. It's not as easy as I hoped, though the cats are pleased to see me and my 12 year old daughter is great. My husband, on the other hand, has had a taste of freedom...

Oh, and I can't post a comment on my own blog, so sorry I haven't replied to Boz and Downith, it's not for want of trying. But having done some adding up and taking away I have worked out than 20000 words over 120 days is...166.66 recurring words a day - sounds more manageable.

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