Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Past the thirty thousand mark! (1200)

I can't believe it but I'm at 32, 603 second draft words on my novel! And 4467 of them are at the revamp stage. I went back to an old trick that I used to use - end your day's work in the middle of the action so you get started quickly the next day.I have also been working on my website. We had a lovely talk on the MA from Candy Gourlay about websites, and my husband had already bought my name as a domain. Having put together a leaflet for teaching, it occurred to me that a lot of the information could go on a website. I'm putting together three workshops - a fiction one to get story juices going, a poetry one to look at the importance of the right word, and life writing because that's where a lot of narrative therapy experience taught me the value of writing it all down in the first place. All of our imaginative writing is drawn from our life experiences to some extent, even if I'm writing a battle scene with two bad guys, I'm using my knowledge of movement and pain and being inside a body. I may even draw on my experience of my bad back!
I'm setting enough time aside to write but nowhere near enough time to read. Next job. Convince kids that reading and research is as important as writing.    


  1. Go Reb!

    Really wish I made that Candy Gourlay talk . . .

  2. Thank you, ladies! I hope you're getting on well with your projects, too. I'm finding these sunny days a bit of a distraction, especially with the beach and country walks so near!