Monday, 27 June 2011

Scared to death by my own writing (2800)

Having plonked out 2800 words this morning, some adapted from a previous draft, I am suddenly nervous about holes and inconsistencies which start to creep in at this point. Do we already know Zsofia's name? Where did they get the vellum in chapter 6 and is it related to the one in chapter 10? This is the point at which I start to falter normally, then struggle on for another ten or twenty thousand words then panic completely. How does anyone write an entire book?
I've been advised to plot what I have written on cards and build the next few steps from there. After all, I know where the story is going, I know where it has to get to. A very helpful insight from Will, thank you! New research book came in the post this morning, so more reading to do. I could write a non-fiction book at this point, I'm learning so much about Lithuania and Poland's strange political history. I do have blisters on my nose from the I'll take a break now and cook dinner for the five thousand instead.

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  1. "How does anyone write an entire book?" Been asking myself that same question.