Sunday, 26 June 2011

Rewriting (2000)

Looking back at what I'd written yesterday, there was some good and some I just didn't need. I've found my way to the end of Chapter 9 and am ready to meet the big bad in sixteenth century Poland. I've already sketched out the scenes where Dee and Kelley meet her so that should take less time than normal, giving me time to work on second draft of the first 10k for my supervisor to look over.

Meanwhile, I'm surrounded by boxes and rubbish and furniture. We've shifted beds, dumped old mattresses (at the proper place, not random fly-tipping, I hasten to add!) sorted boxes and done oodles of laundry. At least the weather was gorgeous. Thank goodness for my hard-working family, who moved a three bedroomed house, drove the entire contents 166 miles, then dragged it all up the drive! 

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