Thursday, 11 February 2016

Coming up for air

It's been such a long time since I blogged, which is unusual for me. But for the very best reason - I've been writing. 

The Secrets of Time and Fate comes out in June (Del Rey), I've completed the Twins book, and A Baby's Bones (and sequel) are polished up and ready to go out see see if anyone likes them. I like them which is my main thing - I like the main characters. I'm pretty happy with the cover, too. 

It occurs to me that if you love your characters, that creeps out in the writing. In my last book ('The Twins Book!) I found my antagonist really scary, and hope that's crept into the writing too. Locations too - as I start writing The Lorina Book (seriously, why can't I do titles?) I've found the cottage starting to colour my descriptions. We got the house in January and have been sorting out the damp, finding ways to dry it out and make it comfortable - but I write so much more away from the distractions of home. 

Meanwhile, we're selling our main house so we don't spend so much time travelling, and to downsize now we have room for the boys at Appledore. Wish us luck!