Friday, 17 June 2011

Fourteen thousand words! (850)

I'm chuffed to have logged fourteen thousand words on Borrowed Time since I got back from Winchester and it's a substantial chunk of the dissertation. Whether the words are any good remains to be seen! Daughter and betrothed are sanding and knotting the acre or so of tongue-and-groove panelling the previous owners covered up the hallway in (then didn't bother to use knotting solution so the whole thing is spotty). They took down the original Lincrusta...which people now pay to have restored...when they stripped out the fireplaces and modernised the ancient walls with cheap plasterboard and tacky skirting. At least the woodworm are original - and enjoying the old doors. We moved in here and immediately were hit by a driver, head on, and it soured our relationship with the place a bit, so it's good to reconnect and start decorating and improving it. We were measuring up for book cases yesterday, what a lovely bonding experience that always is. He's measuring up for a case for CD's so it's not just me and my insane book habit. In my defence, he does have a lot of guitars, drums, flutes and a violin.
As I write, I'm finding connections between different narrative strands. There has to be a reason to jump between time periods and I've made the account of Kelley written down in documents in the present day, although my character doesn't exactly sit down and read them, they are there. I think they might be archived and translated by the bad guys at the end of the book, come to think about it. Plot, just jumping out while I write, how cool and helpful is that?


  1. 14,000 ! Great news. I'm at 5,000 but pleased as punch to be that far in - as you said, though, are those words any good???

  2. That's the question! Let me know when you're ready to swap!

  3. Dear Auntie Reb,
    I wonder if you can help me please. I seem to have been staring at the same computer screen for some time now; and while I have been staring at it, a Snickers wrapper, a Galaxy wrapper, a Bounty wrapper and a gigantic empty packet of Cheese and Onion crisps all seem to have appeared next to me. Can you explain this phenomenon?

  4. This is the phenomenon of trying to write a dissertation...soon, the gap between you and the keyboard will get smaller and smaller until you can type with your tummy. At this point you will get some words written...