Monday, 13 June 2011

Monday mornings (1000)

Strange how Monday morning always seems to have that back-to-school, or back-to-work feeling, even when I'm doing neither. So I actually sat down and worked. This threading the strands together thing is (sort of) working, I'm just playing with finding the links between them rather than forcing them with contrived connections. Meanwhile my baby bird is hanging on and gaining strength, very nice although the study stinks of cat food and worse and everything I own is covered in bird poo. It's suddenly a cold night with a clear sky and big moon and I'm freezing, although we managed a sunny evening. I feel like I ought to go howl at the moon or something, writing about the Carpathian mountains and packs of starving wolves...  
I can't respond to comments on my blog - this is getting old and annoying, blogger - so in response to Downith...
I have, gorgeous book! I used the picture to visualise the dog in the book. Hope things are going well?


  1. That photo makes me think of the novel "The Tenderness of Wolves" - have you read it?

  2. I love the book, Downith, and am using the photo as inspiration for the main character's dog!

  3. Yes, can totally picture it.

    Things going well you ask?

    BA HA HA