Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Moving angst (1600)

Four years ago we moved house, and returned to our rented house in Beaford to clean up. While driving back, we were hit head on by an idiot, who overtook into a corner. Now my husband and children and cleaning up the rental house in Winchester and driving home on Saturday... I am unable to go with them because my back won't stand the journey, so already feel guilty about lumbering my husband (who is a bit phobic about the whole idea of moving house) with the job of filling a large Luton van and driving it 166 miles back home. Then everything will have to be carried or ferried by car up the ridiculously steep drive.
Meanwhile, I left my heroine stuck in a car when she realises someone is on the back seat (major creepy for me personally!) so chapter 9 is all about that confrontation. I have enough for the dissertation but am going to keep going even as I start revising chapters 1-8. Good words are thin on the ground, at the moment!

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