Saturday, 25 June 2011

Back in Devon for good (500)

The rental house in Winchester is empty, keys back to the estate agent, and all the stuff is in heaps all over the house. Books, kitchen stuff, furniture, bedding, books. The adventure that started here is finally over and it was a great experience for me, and my two fellow adventurers. One got best student award for his course, the other excelled and got a job next year as a senior resident for his final year at Sparsholt college. I have done the taught part of my masters and am well into doing the dissertation. It has been a very productive year.

Today I wrote 500 words and realise they were just rubbish. A year ago I would have tried to improve them convinced that I needed them, now I just know they are unnecessary, don't advance the plot, and can chuck them out again. But I have worked out what top do instead.

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