Saturday, 2 July 2011

All change (1600)

Some of the Chain Gang

It's chaos here at the House of Woodworm and Drafts. Lifting the elderly hall carpet revealed what we already knew - extensive woodworm in a few crucial places, though the rest looks OK. With the new paintwork and bare floors, it looks loads better already and we've taken out a mortgage to sort it all out. Going to Winchester was a chance to decide whether to go or stay here, and what to focus on in the next five years. The MA, more than anything, told me to get on and spend a year writing and see what happens, and that's been great for me. Leaving a job full of responsibility (and attendant paperwork) was difficult and left me floundering a bit, wondering what to do with my time. I can't do masses of housework because my back is so bad, and it would rapidly send me insane anyway, because I hate it. I feel too guilty to sit about and read or do hobbies, and I miss the discipline of work that sits you down at 9am and you have a target. having worked for a few hours, I feel justified in chilling out with a book or mucking around on the computer. 'Retiring' is hard work, and 'becoming a writer' sounds too poncy for words. So I'm 'working' on my novels and developing the teaching, and for the first time in four years, don't feel like a complete slacker. My back being very slightly less painful, I have cooked a lot today and advised the chain gang (cute name for the kids, don't you think?) what to do in the garden.

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  1. I like it, Reb... "advised". J'adore les Anglais. So much cute understatement!