Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Frustrating day (500)

My back is so painful it's distracting. Back to the physio, as it's getting worse again. That's seven months of various levels of ouch.

Looking at the book, it seems to be time for rewriting the early chapters to get them out to my supervisor and get some useful feedback. That's the plan, anyway, but I really want to keep going on the book proper. Since I can't easily do either, it's frustrating! Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

We've decided to raise a small mortgage on the house to try and fix some of the big problems with it. I think an old house - especially one this big - is a bit of a project anyway, and for once, I'm not focused on selling it too soon. So I'm able to look at lovely wood floor samples and have chosen a woodburner. This is an updated version of my first woodburner, from 1994.
 Wood is cheap and available in Devon, so it's a cheap, lovely looking option. It will certainly warm this room up a bit, anyway! I'm hoping to turn a shower room into an en-suite and create a big built in wardrobe, too. We've got structural work like a cracked drain and woodworm to deal with, too, and ideally, we would get the patched, cement render off and lime render the outside. But I can't see how they would get the scaffolding up the drive...other than by hand. Oh, my. Are there enough zeroes on that quote, do you think?  

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