Saturday, 16 July 2011

Assignment (850)

I'm waiting for my assignment score, which is being posted on Monday. I loved doing the Fantastic Fiction module - in which I wrote the beginning of a novel for children - and hope I get a good mark. But at this point, a pass would be reassuring! My main excitement was that my kitchen is tiled, and looks wonderful, and although the house is a tip and really getting me down, we're celebrating my birthday two days early so I don't miss out. I will have to cook though...

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  1. Eh, what? Cooking on your own birthday? My dear girl, all those kids, all that training - where did you go so badly wrong?!? ;) Oh, I know! Same place as me! Youngest currently 18 has mastered gooey, globby, tomatoey chickeny melange you can shove in a fajita. I consider myself almost blessed.