Monday, 25 July 2011

The Writer's Journey (again)

I'm back to Christopher Vogler to make sense of all the little characters and all the complexities of sub plots. It feels like I'm writing two novels, each following a similar hero's journey, so it seems helpful. I've got the first half of Dee's story in a good second draft - it's about 25k, I've trimmed a few thousands off. It's nice to feel most of the loose ends are tied up, at least, and I can move on. I especially like the scene when Dee manages to reanimate the corpse of his friend, and it gets out of hand. Words like 'putrefaction' and 'stench' are so powerful. Back to new words tomorrow. 

Meanwhile I have managed to paint a load of bookshelves with the help of my daughter and no. 1 son, and they look good. We also painted the kitchen but I've had my doubts about the colour...and now I'm even more unsure. Oh, well.

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  1. Hi Reb, I find what you have written in some of your blogs inspirationl. I myself am currently starting the A215 Creative Writing course with the Open University also, and I have to say, I have no idea what to expect. It is so different to anything I have ever done before. I have started a Notebook, and I have just started my own blog page - not that anything is written on it. Feel shy, or what I am writing is of no interest. If you have any words of wisdom to share I would be ever so grateful, especially in regards to the dreaded tma's as to what to expect! Thanks, Sarah.