Friday, 8 July 2011

Attempting an edit of chapter 2 (1500)

Having put it off (and off, and off) I can't ignore the fact that I now have conflicting goals. I want to have Borrowed Time finished for Mslexia's novel writing competition, of course. I also want to turn in a dissertation, beautifully polished and edited and re-edited, so I need a good draft of half of it to send off. the problem is, I want to carry on writing (just under 41 thousand words today!) so I'm forcing myself to work on the rewrite of Chapter 2 today, and Chapter 3 tomorrow. This inevitably leads on to displacement activities like making bread, and pie for the boys.

Meanwhile, we have ripped up a load of disgusting old nylon carpet to reveal the floors.
 We have also revealed the odd munchy board with resident woodworm, but not too much so far. Not to mention my decorating dynamo who is off tomorrow to go volunteering on an organic farm - a bit of a rest, really.

Now I really have to print off chapter 2 and work on it - red pen moment. I hate this bit!


  1. I bet you can do both Reb.

  2. I did do it but it needed assorted children, malteasers and a lot of whining!