Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Just get on with it (0)

So, I have reorganised the study (don't all the pretty writing books look shiny...and so many of them unread). I have tidied and sorted paperclips, and am considering colour coding them. Stationary has been sorted and tidied and put in separate drawers and pots. Pens in pen pot. I am even faffing about with a second printer in case the first one is not sufficient for the dissertation. What I haven't done is write a single word for the actual dissertation.

All it is is 20k of reasonable words, frankly, two weeks work with fair weather and a following wind, with another month for editing, a few weeks away from it to develop some sort of distance and back for a good edit. Middle of August, at the latest. All of which would feel way more feasible if I had actually written one poxy word of it.

I have decided to humiliate myself into some sort of effort by recording my word count each day on this blog. Hopefully this will make me stop pratting about with my previous words (which won't count) and write shiny new ones. On the plus side, I've written 2000 words on my children's book in the last 24 hours - maybe the two are connected?


  1. Reb - You really are a star - read 'hilarious'! Right then, you have inspired me. From the 9th June onwards, I am going to match your word count, plus 100. So, if I don't get a dissertation done, it's gonna be ALL YOUR FAULT! But first I have to tidy all my paper clips, highlighters, sharpeners..... ;)

  2. Oh Reb - so funny! Me, I'm stuck on the proposal revisions....

  3. Hi Boz, you're on! We'll see whose done the most words by the end of June - or colour coded, size sorted paperclips.

    And Downith, don't worry about the proposal, don't let it stop you getting a first draft down!