Wednesday, 25 May 2011

All assignments handed in!

I have now done 5/9 of the MA, with just the dissertation to go by 30th September. Having thought I would need an extension, I have powered on and done the assignments, probably not to the highest level, but my back won't allow me to do much more. Tonight we read ten minutes of our children's story - which is such a nice idea, celebrating our work. Then I'm off home - thank goodness. I'm so tired of having to try and type while lying almost flat. I think this time, I may actually have to have surgery, which is a sobering thought. 

I've read some cracking children's writing in the last twelve weeks, real talent expressed through drafts of stories and an inspirational bit of poetry/picture computer work. I have really enjoyed learning to write for children - the tutor is a published children's writer and an inspiration. She's also a fascinating lecturer, keeping my interest despite the pain of the last few weeks.I wonder if the writing for children MA would have suited me better! On the plus side, my other tutor this semester has helped me see the value of fiction for grown ups. And the toolkit module has made me research - and use that research as a starting point for fiction, rather than slavishly following the 'facts'. And poetry - I've so enjoyed writing poetry, which I used for three of my five assignments, even though it's definitely not my superpower.

I've also sent in an entry to Undiscovered Voices, the SCBWI competition. Having listened to two winners of previous competitions, who found it got them off the blocks into publishing their books, I thought it was a useful exercise, even if I realised I had left a glaring error - on page one- as soon as it had been sent. Oh, well. I'm not expecting much, it's been a bit last minute!  


  1. Go Reb!!! Jealous you have all your assignments handed in! And good luck with that Undiscovered Voices submission

    On a more serious note, I hope you get your back sorted.

  2. Thanks Downith, I'm sure it will eventually settle down. And on to the dissertation, although I'm having trouble with the proposal at the moment.