Thursday, 5 May 2011

Brittle spine

Well, this is bollocks. Just as I gear up for working on my assignments and finishing the last 4 taught weeks of the MA, I do something terrible to what's left of my lumbar spine. It seems to be triggered by sitting in the car for 5 hours on the way back from Devon and it makes it very difficult to sit at the computer. I've managed to pull a recliner over to the desk and type with the keyboard on my lap, but I can't imagine how useful that will be when I have 2000 clever words to write by next Tuesday, not to mention the EMA to put in the past. Thank goodness for e submissions, recently extended by the Open University to my course's EMA. And thank you to my beta readers, Jenny and Rachel, who have made me tighten up the links between scenes in my creative piece. Not to mention inspiring me with their own fiction. The OU has given me access to some amazing writers, who are happy to share their creative process.

So, sitting here in a  reclining position, with a heat pad wedged in the back of my trousers and my tea slightly out of reach, I'm going to try and write my commentary for the EMA while sketching the rationales for the publishing project and fantastic fiction. Oh, joy. And I could be walking hand in hand along a beach with my husband, who's down in Winchester for a few days, before stopping somewhere romantic for lunch. Pah. 


  1. And see:

  2. returning the visit! good luck with the writing and hope the back holds up

    leanne x

  3. Hi there , ny names Rachel and I found you on leannes blog. I hear you with the typing and such. I was able to get dragon naturally speaking through uni when I was there as I am dyslexic. n#my friend Kat said I was legally thick good job she me mate. lol I was wondering in terms of your back and pressure of time if this may not be a great boon for you
    hope you dont mund me saying all the best

  4. Hi Rachel, thanks for the tip, I used to have a word recognition package but it wasn't very accurate, I expect it's improved no end by now! I'll give it a try, anyway! And no, dyslexics in my experience aren't legally thick, many of them are very intelligent but have one minor disadvantage that needs a bit of ingenuity to get round.

  5. Poor you - hope you are on the mend.