Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Sending off work for publication

Well, that was demoralising! I polished and honed and otherwise whittled a masterpiece out of a rather unpromising stick, then I sent it off. Then I read the last bit out loud to my husband and a mistake appears. After I'd sent it off. How much more editing are we supposed to do? It even got through no.1 son. Anyway, I have a short story to go off to People's Friend - yes, I did hope it wouldn't be my natural market, too, but there's something very sweet about the story that might do OK. Don't ask, don't get, and at this point I'm just hoping to get published again somewhere.

I also wrote a short story first draft and nearly finished a second one. The theme seems to be about romantic second chances - I suppose like the one I got. A friend has just got married for the second time, and the photos on Facebook were lovely, so full of love and joy. I think there's something special about finding yourself, finding your feet as an individual and then being lucky enough to have a new life partner as well. I hope my publishing life has second chances too!

Anyway, I also had the demoralising experience of reading the plot of a book I wrote three years ago written (probably better - but it isn't that good, so only probably) by someone else. The only thing that was left out was the twist, so maybe one day I'll try and write something around that. Otherwise, it works as a training exercise but I'm moving on to the latest books. Nice to be able to shelve it, though! (And she had way too many characters and POV's!)

All of which is good distraction from the ECA, of course, which I should just finish and post. What am I waiting for, anyway? It isn't going to improve while I ignore it, sitting in the corner with my eyes screwed shut and my fingers in my ears, singing la la la. Hmm. Maybe I need a new technique. Like just getting on with the commentary and sending the sodding thing off! Not to mention that it is now the 25th of May and it has to be posted at the weekend at the very latest.

Anyway, I can at least sort out the People's Friend story for posting and then that commentary.

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