Friday, 28 May 2010

ECA finally gone

Oh, well, it's gone now, it's probably good enough for a 2 and is within a chance of a distinction, which would be my very first ever. Would make a nice starting point for a BA too! The Open University is a bit addictive - we should just have holidays like normal people...

Onwards and upwards to A363. Apparently we are going to learn more about: ways of writing (looking at writing for readers); Writing drama (for which we have to adapt a piece of writing for a dramatic medium like film or radio); and developing style, to create more interesting writing. That's the intro sorted, now I just need to get on with the actual writing and reading exercises. there is less guidance in this course, so I might spend more time on the exercises and TMAs that I otherwise might have. The plan is to get this (smaller) book done by September with drafts of TMA's on fiction, drama and poetry sorted. Then I can maybe sort out something for the other TMAs when the actual assignment book comes (9th September, apparently). Then I won't feel so stressed, I suspect.

Daughter has had end of year exams at uni, and with the ECA I seem to have picked up a bit too much adrenaline, I think I need a few days in a darkened room. Pretty unlikely to happen, though - the kids have their Chaucer project on Sunday and I have things to sort out for the trip to Winchester. I shall breathe more easily when we have found somewhere to live.

In the meantime, I have fiction to go off and short stories to edit. What I would like to do is to start a few first drafts, something to work with for the course(s) coming up . maybe next week!

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