Tuesday, 18 May 2010

OCA final assignment in!

I'm completely blown away by my brilliant (and perceptive, did I mention that?) tutor on the OCA course, who says such lovely things about my writing even when she's telling me what's wrong with it. And she's always right! If it wasn't for Gerry, I wouldn't be able to take criticism in the same light at all, I'd probably cry myself to sleep and give up - like I used to! But she really encourages me to push past the doubts and the fears and write anyway. I have found a completely new way of looking at my work in the last year, largely due to two fantastic tutors. I know how lucky I have been, and I know some people have struggled with their tutors, but they were great courses and I think I've learned masses from it. On to the next stage. Thank youl thank you G.R. and D.G., if I ever get anything published it will be down to you.

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