Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Having fun with front sheets

I have two assignments to do which have the simplest of briefs: hand in 4000 pieces of work inspired by the modules. I've decided that this gives me latitude to play with the front sheet a bit, instead of being strictly factual and sensible, I'm doing a graphic for each. One is the raven poem (see December 27 2010) and the other is a poem made up from the history of all the fabrics in a patchwork quilt and how a family's quilt might hold a lot of stories. I wrote it in little blocks and offset them so some are at right angles so they look like a quilt. I'm baffled as to how I can put that up here so it's legible, but I'm really pleased with how it looks!

And if you click on it, you can (sort of) read it. Our tutor also wants a bibliography and some sample drafts - which is a creative project in itself really. I'm enjoying playing with words again and more plot is downloading into my brain (mostly when I want to go to sleep, admittedly) so today, I'm working on the novel to the sound of the tumble drier. The boys are on 'outdoors courses' which means they have far more laundry than any normal human being! And for light relief, I can edit the poem, which is full of odd words and repetitions, I just wanted to get the word length right to start with.