Friday, 28 January 2011

My scores are going down!

My OU scores have slipped below a distinction - that's how hard this bloody course is and the critique especially! I wrote it (OK, really quickly) but got penalised for not including enough examples from other people's work. Now I have to get a good mark (over 80) for TMA 5 and better still for no. 6 though I'm fairly confident about the EMA and the last assignment. On the plus side, the big assignment - TMA05, is open, you can do short stories, poetry or drama or even life writing (though I can't cope with life writing) and I thought I might have a play with some poetry after all. If it doesn't work out I'll write a short story, it's not like shorts aren't fun to write although I know my long fiction is much better. But I fancy writing sonnets and sestinas, I like rhyme. I just need to keep the scores up, though I don't really know why since I don't need the qualification at all and the book, though good, isn't the inspiration that the BRB (big red book) was. A215 was such a brilliant course, it's hard to top that really. If the diploma wasn't being withdrawn I would have done the course next year and probably got more out of it. Heigh ho.

Having my bear here is lovely, and going home will be a nice break for a few days. Then I'm back to do battle with the next modules.


  1. Hopefully there's a little lee-way with the marking, Reb and excellent work on the next two assignments will bring you back to where you want to be. I can understand your desire to want an overall good grade on this course even though you don't need it per se. This is your passion and what you love doing and on evidence of your other assignments, you're good at it! Of course you want to do well in it. Keep going. Onwards and upwards!

  2. Reb there is leeway with the OU. I slipped with one assignment when I was taking A300 but the OU has the discretion to award the Distinction and they did so in my case. So don't be disheartened and this TMA is no reflection on any of us as writers.
    Hope the Masters is going well. Mine is - having done 4 massive assignments over December and January. Breathing space now for a week or two.

  3. Hi David, I'm not too despondent today, just a bit dented yesterday. I'm focusing on the next big assignment, hopefully that will help! I love your blog, by the way, especially your Roget's thesaurus bit! And Claire, my Masters is going great, three big assignments away so now I'm twiddling my thumbs until the new modules start - it seems like such a long break. I'm looking forward to the Fantastic Fiction for children module - how to write fantasy and historical fiction for kids! Enjoy the brief breathing spell. Whay modules do you have next semester?