Wednesday, 19 January 2011

On a completely personal note

Today is the anniversary that we don't talk about publicly. Eight years ago a decent and loving man, who had very recently lost his wife in a horrific accident, took a huge leap of faith and started a relationship with me. To the almost universal censure of the community (there were some notable exceptions), we broke an unspoken rule about how long you have to grieve. Well, every December he grieves for Maya, just as I remember Steve in the summer. So today is my day for feeling grateful. He has become my best friend, the love of my life, and a great Dad to my children. I really don't do the mushy stuff (he does) and I rarely say it out loud. But eight years ago was one of those magical days...well, nights...when the prince finally turned up and it turned into a happy ever after. So, thank you, Bear. Happy Anniversary even if we are 166 miles apart.   


  1. i'm glad you guys found each if only for me to have this moment here reading the sweetness of it all.

  2. Thank, Amy, I made him promise not to post a comment though because he's much better at the mushy stuff than me!