Monday, 31 January 2011

Concentration 0, workload beckoning 6 million

Well, I'm back in Devon to the joys of central heating and a cosy Aga heated kitchen (well, it's an Esse but it heats the room up a treat) but I have no concentration for work. I don't know what happens when I miss a day's work but it takes me so long to get back into it it runs into the journey back...I should be writing the book, reading off my reading list (I'm tackling Incarceron by Catherine Fisher - amazing book, scary world though) but I'm mooching about ridiculously easily distracted. Oh, the cat's scratching himself, how interesting. I could go and get an apple - maybe not. Oh, all right then, just one. Ooh, clementines... I don't know how to get that mind set back again. I'm going to sit down at chapter 9 for ten, long minutes and see what happens. I shall report back. Am I the only person who does this?

OK, ten minutes did turn into an hour of editing, I can see where I have to go and have found a major cock-up along the way. But I don't seem to be able to write anything new. I have to look at these structured poems and I just need some sort of freewrite or starting point. perhaps I should write a poem about blocked creativity but hasn't everyone? And I'm hungry again. This much fruit may not be safe.

In the meantime I can rest my fuzzy brain against the stove and stay warm! Back to the reading list.


  1. I was reading some advise the other day Reb that said when you find you're not able to write as much as you would like then free yourself up by jotting down ideas in a spider diagram or do some free writing. Maybe it's because your head is in editing mode and is expecting everything to be of a high quality. Maybe a bit of doodling is just the sort of thing you need to free yourself up again!


  2. Thanks David, that's a good idea, I'll give that a go. perhaps with a pen, that used to be better than the distractions of the keyboard!

  3. I'm in a non writing mode too, but no reading list to get stuck into ....