Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Six chapters done!

Having put chapters together for my fiction class, and reviewed and rewritten them, I feel confident that the first six chapters are in a good second draft state and I'm back on course. So have updated my wordmeter to 16k. Chapter six still needs a bit of tying in but otherwise it flows, which was the problem before, when each seemed like a rather naff short story. So lots of progress made today and I can wander into town for lunch!


  1. Reb, if you need a reader, I have dibs. I want to know more. Bon appetit.

  2. Thanks Downith, I'm tidying them up at the moment, but I'd love you to read them as a reader, when you're free. I can work on the language, it's the plot that catches me out, dead ends, that sort of thing. Can I send them over when their straight (and you're better!)?