Monday, 27 December 2010

Having fun (when I ought to be doing an assignment)

Just when I weighed up what I had for my various assignments (265 lines of poetry for one, 4000 words for fiction, 100 lines for theory, one radio play and the very beginnings of a short story) I gave into an impulse to do a design to fit a poem. I do think poems should stand on their own words, but there's some fun to be had playing around with words and pictures, especially for a front cover.

This is my draft. A bit of fun! I am always amazed by the ravens that live above our house, and fly down every day. They are such graceful birds, even if the other birds often mob them. In fact, the first sign is often the noise the smaller birds make. It's still very amateurish, but I really enjoyed doing it and I rewrote a few lines of a poem today. I'm really enjoying writing at the moment, especially since I reassure myself just how much I actually have already done.


  1. Fun, skilful and clever! (BTW: what does swags mean here?) Will mail photo and new haiku - nor quite as many words as you assignments!

  2. Thanks for the encouraging words. The haiku is beautiful and the photograph stunning, a perfect match!