Sunday, 5 December 2010

Positive feedback and bad backs

I came back to Devon with a sheaf of copies of my third and fourth chapters, all annotated with helpful suggestions from fellow students and many positive comments about the story etc. I was heartily relieved, they are a tough audience but so helpful! It's inspired me to get on and rewrite chapter 5, especially as I want to divert the story from its previous trajectory and make it go in another direction.
Then I really trashed my back. In a garden centre, reaching for something. For goodness sake! Anyway, I managed to avert the whole kablooey but I am now extremely sore and can't stand upright. My checklist for a really bad back includes: have i got control over my bladder (yep); and can I still feel my feet (yep). So it's not as bad as it could be, but I can't sit at the computer for very long. About 500 words at a time. This is forcing me to do a bit more thinking between bouts of writing, which is probably a good thing, as I can easily write for 20 or 30 thousand words - before I realise that train of thought isn't going anywhere. 
I'm wary of letting any kind of relationship goo sneak into my books because I'm a sucker for a romance and it takes over, but this time I'm attempting the fine line between sexual tension and giving in to it. Tricky. In between painkillers and cuddling up to my new microwaveable heat pad (thanks to my husband, who is a genius!) I am wrestling with the vivisection of innocent bystanders and the historical research I have to do lying down. 
I'm going to miss a week of lectures, which I hate, I'm one of those nerdy people who like to go to everything I've committed to. But I have read all the theory and followed up with a fair amount of research, as well as having completed almost all of the toolkit. that just leaves the fiction stuff, which I will work on tonight. Meanwhile, the same husband has had to go down to Winchester to help the boys out, work, and will be back later in the week. Which gives me the centrally heated bedroom and king sized bed all to myself...lovely after the cramped and cold quarters in Hampshire!  


  1. Oooo...sexual tension! Is Jack involved?!

    So sorry to hear about your back. Will miss you tomorrow night. Get well.


  2. Hi Downith, I thought after the bird slayage and attack on Sadie that Jack would reach out to Felix rather than Maggie! Just putting them in a room together seems to work. I'm enjoying writing (in tiny doses, anyway) and am taking the time in between to order Xmas presents and make a big Xmas Tesco order! Have a good class on Tuesday.