Wednesday, 22 December 2010


I have loved this year's solstice celebrations. The tree is full of birds being treated to a better quality of bird food, including a slab of Christmas cake that they have fought over all day. Magpies, Jackdaws and a jay have been enjoying the cake and leftover sandwiches, a squirrel legged it with a tummy full of nuts and the top of a piece of cake, woodpeckers have been down all day with the usual bunch of blue, great and long-tailed tits. Blackbirds have been rooting in each of the holes in the snow for bits of bread and softer foods along with a fluffed up thrush. We have nuthatches hanging off the nuts and pinching bits of fat ball. Everyone is fed and happy and has presents. The garden looks like a Christmas card dotted with robins. Lovely.


  1. very lovely. such a beautiful scene to set. it sounds like a good day in Little Women.

  2. That is the most beautiful image. It has been lovely looking at the birds on the feeders in the snow. Love Bear x