Friday, 8 January 2010


I've been writing loads of poems, all first and second drafts. I even wrote a villanelle. When I was thirty one, my husband died suddenly of what turned out to be leukaemia. I went to register the death, and he asked: 'Who is registering the death?'. I replied 'His wife,' and he wrote carefully, while reciting it slowly 'the relict of the deceased.' I never forgot being downgraded to a relict, not to mention I had to cope with the word widow, as well! Horrible day... Anyway, I stuck the villanelle up here but have had to take it down as I might need it for TMA03!

Anyway,I've been working on a poem a day and reading a handful of poems a day. I started on 'The Gentleless of the Very Tall' today by Linda France. Very interesting though I bought it second hand and someone has made rather dismissive notes in the margin.

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