Friday, 1 January 2010

Finished! Hooray!

Well, that's a relief! 500 words of carefully crafted commentary (OK,you can have too much alliteration!) and 2,200 words of short story - with, get this - an actual ending. I did a freewrite on the experience of standing in the mortuary and all this poetry pours out. Including an ending. Fantastic, I love this course. When I'm not beating myself in the forehead with the big book, or frozen at the computer saying, 'why? Why?' Did I start it, of course.

But I did, and I'm glad I did. Of course, I'm on the sunny side of an assignment with all the coursework down for the poetry and just the assignment to do. That's the problem, I think it will take most of those weeks to do! On the plus side, I have the perfect life writing story, I think. My family tree turned up an anomaly in my father's family, and my daughter and I suspect we have enough evidence to patch the story together. And I have the perfect piece for TMA05, I wanted to submit to Myslexia anyway. And then I can work on the book, and a chapter would be perfect for the ECA. So I feel like TMA03 is the last big obstacle.

Now to the OCA assignment, which I still haven't done. Ow.

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