Sunday, 3 January 2010


Time to knuckle down and work on the poetry. I'm working on a villanelle, hoping if the strict structure doesn't come off I will still have a good poem. I had a sudden realisation - I have always thought of myself as the eldest of four - which for most of my childhood, I was. But another way of looking at it is that I was one of three sisters, and I am the only one who survived. (My elder sister died shortly after she was born prematurely). The weird thing is, I have often been aware of a missing sibling, even more pronounced now my younger sister is dead too. So I'm trying out words that rhyme with womb/tomb because the principal lines are coming from there and have found too few rhymes to make it work. Zoom, room, flume, bloom, boom etc. are difficult to work with. Dead is much better with head, lead, read, bed, fed, led, red, shed, wed, zed, bled, med, sped,instead, head, red, led, stead, bread, tread, wed, shed, bled, dread, led, spread, shed, ahead, instead, bread, sped etc. Maybe I can make it work.

My other poem will probably be a listy type of poem, something inspired by the Delia Smith poem in the coursework, where a poem was made out of the index of one of her books.

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