Saturday, 25 February 2012


I find it hard to write if the house is in chaos. I don't mean untidily covered in piles of books and papers, that's OK, but in the process of being demolished or remolished or whatever. Presently, the big room at the top of house presently looks like this:
Honestly, you take a few tiles off...

Anyway, that's what my imagination and worse, concentration looks like. I'm trying to find the tension in the scene where someone is found at the bottom of a well - dead or alive, that isn't clear yet - and all I can hear is bangs and thumps from upstairs. Not that I'm ungrateful - I've been wanting to do that big room for the whole four-and-a-half years we've been here. It's a kind of nervousness about doing it, and getting it done before the carpet man (Bob the bun) comes to lay the carpet remnants we picked up.

I'm working on filling in the gaps in the plot. I have a good, solid, 30k beginning. I have a tension filled 20k ending. I have the bare bones of the historical strand that will thread through the story, telling the actual history as my main character wrestles with reconstructing the past through old records and archaeology. All I have to do now is sketch out the middle. I just want to get a good synopsis together to work from. I took some very wise and experienced advice and sat down with a  pen and paper and soon had the process flowing again.

Maybe these days when it's hard to type have their uses.

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