Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Letting it happen...And I have to rewrite the book

I have an appointment to meet an agent and talk through the book etc. That's good news, and while I'm excited, I'm still aware I do need to finish Borrowed Time's second half to the standard of the first half. Having a deadline of next Wednesday is a bit tight but I'm going to give it a shot. I also think it would be handy to get the first few chapters of book 2 and a synopsis together, with a rough synopsis of the next Jack and Sadie book as well. This is quite easy because when I first started writing Borrowed Time I went in a completely different direction, which will now be the next book.  Decorating the spare room is a chance to think through the whole drama of the last weeks.

I'm at an impasse with book 2, the Sage book (which is book 4 really - or 5 if you could the one I wrote 50k on and gave up on) because one of the characters unexpectedly fell down a well. That means I have to move all my plans for the rest of the book around. So much for my feeble attempts at planning BUT this new plot twist would never have happened if I hadn't sat down and tried to plan the rest of the book. It just shows me, not only am I not in control of the publishing business, I'm not in charge of my own book either. Back to work. 

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