Monday, 6 February 2012

New Blog at 300 posts

In July 2009, I started this blog. I had just started A215 with the Open University and was finishing a course with the OCA. It was the first step on a journey towards the distant city of 'Published', and it has become a place where I try things out, wrestle with new ideas, rejection, success, my learning, my writing and occasionally my family. While this will still be my main blog, because I still am stumbling along that path, I feel I need to have a second internet presence that actually expresses what I have produced.
This is my wayside stall, put up along that Publication road, as I camp outside the walls.

It's actually got my name on it (which I think is important) and is a reflection of the fact that I am more serious about my writing and (eek!) more serious about getting published.
So feel free to visit at Rebecca Alexander, and please, if you don't mind, follow it. Apparently publishers like to see a bit of internet presence, and it would help me to be able to sell my wares if I can say that people have at least looked at them. Thank you!
Meanwhile, I am astonished that I have written 300 posts, had 418 comments and about 600 emails from it. I have had fantastic support, been given great ideas and inspiration, enjoyed loads of other people's blogs and made cyberfriends. I look forward to the next 300 posts here on Witchway!

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