Wednesday, 29 February 2012

That was quick - re-writing in eight hours.

Having made a huge fuss about re-writing, I received a request from the agent I am seeing next week. She would like a copy of the book to be emailed over, so she can put it on her e-reader. EEEK! Every time I look at the book, I see great flaws and holes, clunky sentences and (worse) sentences that don't make much sense. So, today, I sat down for eight hours and sorted it out. Fortunately, I had done about two fifths before I got too dispirited, so I just had 200 pages to do.

I can't say I've fixed all the problems (and the last eight chapters are just in second draft) but at least the last few chapters make sense, now, and the main characters' relationship problems are tidied up a bit more.

My problem has always been that I wrote the very first draft of Borrowed Time two years ago, for fun, alongside a 'serious' book. All the plotting skills I had went into the other book, and so rewriting Borrowed Time has been difficult. Although I love the characters, and enjoy the story, really I think my other books are better written! I think I'm going to put a few chapters of book 2 - 'A Baby's Bones' - under the microscope to show this agent as well. Just to say, I can plot better!

 I don't have a problem with word counts. I can write 1000-2000 words a day easily, and do every day. My problem is, I hate going back and rewriting, editing, polishing etc. which is the real craft of writing. I wish I could find the same passion for that, it's got to be easier than working through part of the night! Thank goodness for deadlines.

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