Monday, 20 February 2012

Back to work

After all the promise and drama of Mslexia it's back to work on the books. I'm busy with book 2 (still no title) and after putting another scene into the book I'm a bit dispirited that I don't know where it is going or how Sage and Nick are going to get to the big battle (or where they will go from there). Because, there always is a big battle. I don't mean cavalry and machine guns, I mean a big resolution of the main conflict, of course. Although the cavalry idea sounds intriguing.
Perhaps I need to get on and write the second strand, threaded through the book. I just feel a bit dispirited - in the middle of the book rather than full of enthusiasm (at the beginning) nor running downhill (last quarter). Time to stop blogging, going on Facebook, playing Plants vs Zombies and writing emails. Perhaps I should grow up at some point...


  1. No need to grow up, just list the scenes, chapters, events whatever in both books, preferably with a pen and large sheet of paper. Returning to old fashioned slow methods tends to help this sorting process which, given your predicament, means that you need to do this, I think. It all unravels itself given pen and paper and thinking time. This always works for me. Good luck.

  2. I'm working on it, Carole Anne! I just find it the most difficult part, putting a pen onto paper seems to stifle my brain. I just sit there, unable to think of anything. I'm just going to have to push through it! But if it works for you, it's worth persevering.

  3. Oh, go on, bring in the Cavalry, it will be an interesting twist ;-)