Saturday, 8 September 2012

Now they want more

I'm taking this as a good sign. One editor from one publisher would like to see the synopsis to the sequel. This is encouraging, since I have a sequel at least outlined and most of the first third written in first draft. This seems like good news. I don't really know my agent that well, and I want them to know that I'm prolific, I am amenable to edits and suggestions, and that I have a plan for these books. Funny enough, I've found book 2 leads naturally on to a book 3, where Elizabeth Bathory's and Edward Kelley's story changes/ends. So I sent off the synopsis and I'm working to tidy up the front of the book in case they want a first few chapters to see if the style and pace are similar to book 1.

Anyway, while I wait, I am enjoying pottering about with my father-in-law's book and thinking about my next non-series book. In addition to out night time badger invasion, we also had a much less welcome visitor, a young fox, right next to the gate where I keep my chickens. This is the time of year the vixens turf their babies out, and he's mangy and bald on his back, and very, very thin. He was nose to nose with my ginger cat and ran off when he saw me. Hopefully, he'll come back at badger feeding time and share their biscuits, long after my ladies have gone to bed in their secure accommodation.



  1. That's definitely a good sign. Everything crossed.

  2. "I'm taking this as a good sign"

    Damn straight!

  3. Thank you, ladies! It's been such a long, frustrating process, I don't think I can get any closer and NOT be published. Hopefully not!

  4. Huzzah! Told you.

    As for the chickens... Get friendly with a hairdresser. Foxes will avoid human hair, so, if you fill some old tights with it and wrap it round your run posts or the bottom of your coop it ought to help. Of course, if your chickens are free range, you could end up needing an awful lot of hair!

    1. I let them out into the yard so it would be possible. But the fox eyes them from the top of the cliff, and I think he could get down if he tried! Bookwise, I'm keeping my head down and writing the sequel.

  5. That's very encouraging - fingers crossed...