Thursday, 27 September 2012

Fresh start at college

Despite not hearing anything from editors/agent yet, I am about to set off an a new adventure - a writing group. The local college are running a course, and I am of the opinion that being open to learning is the only way you learn anything, so I am packing my trusty notebook, an assortment of coloured pens, and setting off for the town college.

I realise I have no idea what level this course is pitched at, but hopefully it will stretch me on the genres I struggle with (drama, anyone?) and maybe I will hear about other groups, or at least meet someone who might like to help me form the kernel of a group. I need critical feedback. It does me good, it makes me concentrate on the reader and it reminds me of the basic skills of writing which it's easy to float away from. One complication is that I'm agoraphobic, so walking into a college is a bit of a challenge anyway! I'm a perpetual student, but I think this course is good value, and will put me in touch with other, local writers. We moved here five years ago and I'm finding it hard to find writing friends/rivals to bounce ideas and drafts off. I've been lucky that I've found very good beta readers for the novels, but I'm a complete beginner at drama and still struggling with literary short stories. I also know that I produce a lot of good work off writing prompts that come from outside myself. Being made to do homework, or write with a pen in class also makes me much more inventive.

Anyway, it's a great distraction from the waiting! 

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