Sunday, 15 July 2012

Nothing to report (again)

The book went off to publishers on the 14th June - that's 31 days ago, a whole month. No more news. I shall bother Charlotte tomorrow for an update. I know I should just get on with Baby's Bones but it's hard to focus. Instead, we spent the nine hours of sunshine we have had today - before the rain returned - blitzing the garden and wondering whether we could move again. [Tiny update - Monday - agent phoning round to find out what's going on and reporting back Tuesday!]

I have been reading, though, so the time isn't completely wasted. I can recommend all these:

Night Waking by Sarah Moss (another book about a baby's bones, so I couldn't resist, with a fascinating historical thread of hidden letters.

Nora Roberts The Witness, a bit commercial for my taste and a predictable romance but an interesting lead character and a twist. Came to an abrupt end. I probably wouldn't have bought it if I hadn't been on holiday but OK.

The Mercurial Emperor by Peter Marshall - fantastic research and entertaining read.

The Stranger's Child by Alan Hollingshurst - well written, interesting but I haven't warmed to the characters yet (by page 195) so I haven't finished.

Katherine the Queen - biography of Katherine Parr which is readable and well researched. And I got it secondhand which helped!

Venice: Pure City by Peter Ackroyd, delicious detail and beautifully written.

But the best thing I saw all week was the BBC series 'Venice' by Francesco da Mosto. Delicious.  


  1. We so couldn't face the upheaval of moving, we ended up buying the house next door and simply spreading out. I highly recommend it.

    Can't believe it's been an entire month! In this, as in all things, patience is a virtue...

    Been thinking about you a lot with my sister here, and really looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

  2. It will be great to actually meet you! I'm looking forward to the whole thing, meeting everyone, getting away from the mundane and focusing on publishing. I was very lucky to have so much time with my sister, we shared a house several times as adults, for six months when her son was a baby. Sisters are great, so enjoy yours.

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