Thursday, 5 July 2012

A day on the water

I rarely pass up a chance to get on the water (or in it). We spent the day on Lake Windermere, on a  lovely old 1891 converted steamer called 'Tern'. It was nothing like a seagoing boat, long and lean and pretty. The lake started out misty and murky, but ended up sunny. It was a lovely day. It's so different from the sea, no real waves, no tides, no currents, and a beautiful reflective surface for everything around the lake. We also enjoyed going to the freshwater aquarium, Russell was fascinated by the four foot Caiman (alligator) pressed up against the glass. 

We came home to a terrific thunderstorm, which flooded the porch but not the cottage. We're a bit punch drunk with 'quiet time', we get so little time as a couple and now we have days - it's been lovely. It's hard to get together when there are six children and stepchildren, their needs and time came first for so many years we hardly know each other just as two adults. Hopefully we'll find more time as the kids get older. 

No word from the agent. Three weeks ago the MS went off to sixteen editors, and so far, I haven't heard anything. She warned me rejections usually come in quickly, and I'm not sure she would tell me about those. But I think I would rather know. I'll arrange to speak to her next week and see what's happening. Scary times. I know it's a hard sell, because it doesn't fit neatly into a genre. I'll get back to writing next week and can just enjoy the process again. I don't think I'm going to be very good at the selling bit!

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