Monday, 9 July 2012

And an update: editors

So far, the book has gone out to 16 editors, and we've had some passes, and two requests to see it. So I think there are still eleven editors mulling it over. That's amazing: eighteen more people I don't know have read my book! That I just made up to entertain number one son. I'm astonished. I have no idea if this is good news or bad news, but I really feel like my writing 'career' has moved on amazingly thanks to Mslexia. 

At the pitching workshop, several writers have written children's books but were wary of entering the Mslexia Children's Novel Competition. Hopefully, we have convinced them to think again ... some of the shortlist were not literary fiction at all but story focused and maybe even commercial in nature.

Which brings me to the reason one editor turned down the book - she thought it was a bit too commercial. Music to my ears, just the sort of book I enjoy. Watch this space...  
King Istvan Bathory - one of my villains!

1585 from Riga! My lucky coin...


  1. Too commercial? That is kind of awesome. :)

    1. It's a bit like saying too much money, isn't it? It always comes in useful at some point! Anyway, no offers yet so not counting my chickens...

  2. Replies
    1. I hope! Way better than 'too literary', I think, but still a rejection. Nice to hear from you, hope you're having a good summer!