Sunday, 1 July 2012

How things change!

Two days after an Olympic whinge, normal service is resumed. My glass spine managed nine hours in the car, somehow, and I woke up in our Tudor cottage after a good nights sleep. The marathon drive (thanks to a heroic effort by the husband, who never once said 'Can't we just go to Cornwall?') gave us time to speculate about the historical strand of 'the sequel' to The Secrets of Life and Death, and all sorts of ideas and links have fallen out. I can't wait to write it! Even though I still haven't heard a word about the editors looking at my book, all sixteen of them, I have to write the rest of Kelley's story. I'm falling in love with sixteenth century Bohemia and Venice at the moment. 

Hawkshead is very old, the bit we are in is all 1500-1650, houses jumbled together like blocks, with alleys between them. Parking by the cottage for our 8 seater is impossible, but otherwise it seems great. The whole town is populated by jackdaws, four and six to a roof, all with flying babies so loads of calling and answering. Although we have no phone signal, the landlady next door has put us on her Wifi so I can keep an eye on emails etc. And blog, of course. I shall post photos when I get some, assuming it stops raining at some point. At least it isn't cold.    
We're staying here!

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