Monday, 26 March 2012

It's gone!

Having spent a few weeks working on the book, the last edits were tweaked this morning, and it's off. I could fiddle with it for the rest of my life, but I can't see the silly mistakes, so I'm happy to send if off for someone else to wince over them.
Now I'm at a loose end. I've got to find something to do that doesn't take too long (I'll have to get back to the edits when the manuscript returns) and whittles down the long list of things I want to do - and work on AA100. I'm a long way behind there, partly because I got a terrible grade for TMA01. I know it was my first arts essay, but still - ouch. I had to throw my notes in with so little editing I even got pulled up for my writing (oh, the shame!). 

So here's my provisional list:

Put A Baby's Bones in for the Yeovil competition in May.
Finish the poetry collection for June.
Rewrite Marley and the Crow for September.
Sketch out Borrowed Time 2 in case I get some interest in Borrowed Time.
Finish my A-Z blog posts.

Sadly, I spend a lot of time not doing any of them because I can't choose. Magic mouse time (shuts eyes, winds it around cyberpaper with 5 numbers on...) BT 2 it is.


  1. So what are you going to do next week?

  2. It's very difficult to know when to stop fiddling! Sounds like you've plenty to keep you going in the meantime :o)

  3. Too much, Karen! I am twiddling my thumbs now, hoping the agent still likes my book after I changed it!