Wednesday, 7 March 2012

I have an agent!

I'm too tired to blog properly but here's a quick summary:-
  • Paddington is bloody miles from Ilfracombe (225), but adrenaline (and £200 in train fares for 2 adults!) got me there
  • The agent was lovely and loved my book! More than I love my book! Someone has read and enjoyed my book (I'm sorry to go on, but this is the most exciting thing to me)
  • She suggested broad and simple edits that will take me a day or two
  • Promised me more feedback next week
  • Bought me a nice afternoon tea and swapped war stories about life in general
  • Told me she was now my agent
  • Then she came and met Russ who was hanging about waiting for me, and was still lovely.
  • She has ideas about how to sell my book!?!
I am home after 12 hours - 3 in the car, 5 on a train - and am very, very excited and relieved and thrilled that someone else likes my book!


  1. Good news! Congrats, and good luck.

    That's a long way to drive, but some things are worth it.

    1. Aren't they just! I hardly noticed the time passing with her though, I was really enjoying myself talking about my writing and hearing about her side of things!

  2. WHOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thrilled for you Reb! Look forward to buying a copy!

    1. One agent does not a publishing deal make, sadly, but it's a lot closer! I'll let you know what happens.