Monday, 29 October 2012


I have insomnia. It's a bit self defeating to say you 'suffer' from insomnia even though you do, so I try to manage it by remembering I don't need all that much sleep, I can try one of my strategies for getting myself to sleep including telling myself a story (sounds mad but it sometimes works), reading a book I've read many times, going through relaxation routine, taking Valerian, getting up again and going to bed slower (sounds daft, but sometimes works), sex, back rub, actual sleeping tablets etc. Nothing really works. Yesterday, the bed looked as if I'd gone ten rounds with the duvet. I think the duvet won, and one of the pillows is still missing. Anyway, I'm tired and tired makes you less energetic/enthusiastic/imaginative except I'm also managing horrendous nightmares when I do sleep. It's such a simple thing, sleep, but if you don't get it it it affects every aspect of your life.

I'm still writing, at least. I've got about half book 2 in one big lump and a new bit of the historical strand as well so about two thirds through first draft - what I like to think as my draft, bit to be shared with anyone. It's full of cliches, random punctuation, and inconsistencies. But it's the raw material for probably a very different second draft which takes a few weeks then gets honed into a readable third draft. What it will need is time, for the familiarity to wear off so I can approach each draft with fresh eyes. So, when I finish book 2 hopefully I will get some time to work on edits book 1 then start the big structural changes on Baby's Bones - now designated as book 3.

But every year about this time, I start to wonder what story will come out of my imagination over the days around Christmas, which is when I normally start a new book. Maybe if I get some sleep it will just appear in my mind, as I make stollen/cake/turkey escalopes. Who knows? Where do these ideas come from anyway?


  1. I have insomnia too. The only thing that helps is exercise, which sounds wrong because that should keep you awake in theory, but for me exercise an hour or two before I want to go to sleep works perfectly.

    1. You are probably right - with my back so bad I rarely get physically tired any more. I'm trying to fit some walking into each day. I might try some later, thank you!

  2. I've never really been a sleeper, but I do better as I get older... Mostly.

    I try simply to be relaxed about it... So... I'm not sleeping... As long as everyone else is OK with that, as long as no one minds too much when stupid-head turns up, which she does with some regularity, everything will probably be fine in the end.

    If you're still writing, that's a real bonus!

    Stay rested, if you can,


    1. I've always seemed to need less sleep, and I don't think I've ever fallen asleep and woken in the morning - just like that. But this is worse than usual! I'm blaming the menopause...