Thursday, 9 August 2012

Virtual post-its

I've been using virtual post-its called 'Sticky notes' to plot the book. As I write a scene, I stick a summary on my desktop, or over whatever I'm working on. It's helping me keep a handle on what revelations I show and where they are going. I did it for the contemporary strand and now it's working for the historical strand. I feel like I'm trying every approach and gradually whittling them down to what works best for me. 
Sticky notes!
   As I write a scene or change something I add what needs to be changed in other scenes in capitals. Simple system. I know that Scrivener would do this way better, but I don't have time to learn another software package and I understand as much of Word as I need.

Meanwhile, the sun is out and the words are photon lubricated. We have friends coming for the weekend which will be great for Russell, as he will play music until his fingers bleed, grow black and drop off. He's missed playing with his mate that much. It will be lovely to see them.

I really must write my rationale but all the time the book is in limbo I only seem able to focus on A Baby's Bones. I'm having to research the religious intolerances and laws of Elizabethan England which is interesting but time consuming. Maybe next week...