Saturday, 4 August 2012

Not sleeping

I'm not sleeping very well. This is probably for lots of reasons but I would like to introduce you to the best of them.
He has been helping himself to the snails and slugs from the long terrace outside my bedroom window. Last night I put a few cat biscuits out as well, but when Russell snapped the 'noise' out of the window it wasn't the enormous badger that's been crunching most nights but one of the babies. Extremely cute, and very unbothered that a large man was leaning out of the window above him taking photographs. Russell disturbed one of the big ones just outside our front door a few weeks ago. Amazing wildlife we have here. A few months ago a female sparrowhawk brought a wood pigeon that must have weighed as much as her down, right outside our kitchen window. Then it ate the breasts, taking about half an hour, before taking off, so full it could barely fly. Fantastic. The wildlife does creep into the writing...


  1. Is that a raccoon?? Traffic is what keeps me from sleeping, not wildlife. Trade you!

    1. Hi, here in the UK so it's a badger. He's very cute but the big one is much bigger, I wouldn't like to tangle with him! I hate traffic, so, sorry, can't trade you!