Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Waiting for Mslexia

Having just re-read Borrowed Time - sad how many mistakes are in it - I am not expecting anything from Mslexia, but the promised shortlist did not appear on the 9th as promised. This means I am on holiday, not beginning the recovery from disappointment, but checking my emails every 30 minutes.

I should be thinking through the next book - or playing or swimming with the kids. Apparently, other people are in the same boat. It would be nice just to have an email explaining the delay - or saying the shortlisted people have been contacted, or something. Anything. Are they all on holiday, too? Maybe I'll see them in the pool...


  1. Hi Reb
    saw you over on Victoria's site. I feel the same. Can't get on with the second one, checking their site a million times. It would mean so much even to be shortlisted. anyway no news may be good news is what I am telling myself. best of luck
    Mary de Sousa

  2. ...see you are at Winchester. do you know Judith Heneghan by any chance?

  3. Hi Reb
    Just wanted to say Hi and that I'm another longlisted writer re Mslexia but am thinking they might not be informing those that didn't make the shortlist just those that did... not usually this pessimistic btw! I've been scouring twitter for updates and emailed them directly but not heard squat.
    Good luck to you both!

  4. no just got an email. we are all still in until the end of the month!!

  5. Check your emails! They're delaying shortlist due to high quality of longlisted entries - end of month now.
    Again good luck!

  6. Hi Mary - yes, I know Judy, she took a module on my MA, what a brilliant tutor. And a lovely person, really encouraging.

    Hi Gypsy, I finally got an email, but to my husband's email account, don't know why, other than he bought me the subscription years ago. I'm sure there's nothing negative - we've got to wait some more. Good luck, ladies!