Tuesday, 3 January 2012

First scenes (300,0,1200 words)

I have met my two main POV characters, and written two scenes for one of them, Sage. They only add up to 2000 words or so, but it's a start, and I have a strong first scene. Vincent, my historical narrator, won't get as much words as Kelley did, the 16th century narrator in Borrowed Time. He's a dry, caustic old man, I love him, bright as a button and with a huge chip on his shoulder (cliches coming at you, one after the other! Duck!) He seems to describe everything through what he notes in the manor's ledgers. He carefully notes the price of two yards of linen for a winding sheet for my Lady's baby - before it is born - because she hasn't brought a baby to term yet. I plan to annoy him by giving this baby a chance of survival. No doubt the linen will be recycled into something else, and valuable pennies saved. I am having to research the period, even though it's the same time as Dee, the action takes place in England.
It is strange how some characters speak so loudly and distinctly, from day one. I now have to plot a whole book just to give him a forum. Other characters only reveal themselves very slowly, coming out of the shadows now and then, often proving to be quite different from my first impressions. Jack, in Borrowed Time, did that, as elusive to the reader as to me. In fact, useful feedback on the MA was that she was the least developed, least likeable character. Hopefully, I was able to warm her up a bit! Sage is a bit easier, already stronger and more lively (also younger). I'm looking forward to spending time with them both.  
AA100 is proving a distraction, but I have written half my first assignment, about the way Cleopatra has been represented in film. Loving it so far, and getting ready to start work on Dr Faustus. There's another 500 words to be written there.
What I haven't done is continue with the rewrite of Borrowed Time, which I really really need to do!

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